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Atlanta’s Raw Evolution has a mission to take an individual’s raw determination and vigor, then expose them to their actualized potential through proficient program design, hard work and sweat.


Raw is a strong believer in perseverance and the rewards achieved from it. The beauty behind the word is that perseverance and failure are unable to coexist. Failure occurs to those that quit. I will not let you quit. Perseverance is the ability to stand strong through the obstacles place before you and achieve your goals. The goal should simply be to maximize your individual potential and have fun doing it. I take tremendous pride in doing just that.


Raw is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to you by aiding in the achievement of the fitness goals and lifestyle changes you want and need. You will be provided with a full fitness assessment to identify your physical readiness and serve in actualizing goals. There will be programs designed specifically with your desired goals in mind as well as physical readiness. A professional, nationally certified personal trainer will utilize their experience with toning, firming, sculpting, fat loss, rehabbing, sports specific training and bodybuilding in the attainment of your goals.


I feel that with a progressively challenging program and properly directed drive, that all potential can be actualized. This drive is what you need, because failure is only permanent if you quit trying. Raw believes in helping you to achieve your individual maximum fitness level.