Kevin Pressley Personal Trainer

The Trainer


I am a Nationally Certified Fitness Professional. I also have a sixteen year background in athletics and training. This is my Experience. My Passion is personal training and it is equivalent to his Drive to succeed. My strength I feel is my dedication to become the best. This goal of mine keeps me eager to learn, which keep me humble. This goal like any other requires perseverance, which should tell you, quitting is not an option.


I believe that Major success is a result of Major change and true dedication. I accept clients that have a genuine desire to achieve an improved lifestyle and that will make the changes needed to succeed. Quite simply your success is a direct reflection of my success and failure is not in the plan!


I invite anyone within the Atlanta area possessing the drive and passion to accomplish their goals no matter how small or large to train with me. Make an investment in yourself that will last a life time and change your health, body and confidence.


Atlanta’s Best Personal Trainer… I have been called the best by those who matters the most… My Clients!