Kristi Miller

The Results


If you’re looking to work hard and push yourself to another fitness level, you should definitely hire Pressley as your personal trainer. I played collegiate and professional tennis but felt like I had never worked out as hard as I did when I worked out with Pressley. He comes prepared and genuinely wants you to reach your goals. I liked how he always kept me moving in the weight room and continually mixed up the exercises. When I finished my workouts, I really felt like I had pushed myself and gotten better that day.” – Kristi Miller



Kevin Pressley’s personal training is absolutely amazing! He is very knowledgeable and motivational. He offers the perfect balance of pushing you to the max while encouraging you in a supportive way. You are the best Kevin!” – Joan K.



I really enjoyed the training and personal attention I received in Boot Camp with Kevin Pressley. My level of fitness was constantly challenged and I was able to do and achieve so much more than I expected or ever thought I could. It became addicting to see how much further I could push. Thank you so much for your encouragement and faith in my abilities. You have certainly raised my level of fitness, appearance, strength, and endurance.” – Erin C.



I had being trained by several personal trainers through a training program offered by a very popular gym in the Atlanta, GA area. Training sessions had focused mostly on increasing muscle tone by weight training. Neither one of my trainers had planned a routine for me that would incorporate all aspects of a fitness program. Kevin’s workouts are challenging and effective. His comprehensive routines include a variety of exercises that are designed to increase your muscle tone and help you improve in the areas of strength, cardio and flexibility.” – Luciana R.



1 on 1 Personal TrainerI have enjoyed a routine of spinning, weights, swimming and yoga at the gym for a few years and I try to “eat, clean”. However, at 46 I felt my routine was stale and the results of my weekly gym efforts were negligible. Father time was winning! At the turn of the New Year I employed the training help of Kevin Pressley. With a twice a week regime I have seen dramatic results in not only me strength but my body fat has dropped dramatically. His workouts are focused, high paced and come with sense of pride when completed. Kevin’s routines are current and on the edge of the latest physiology. There is a reason and a concept for each exercise and no time is wasted. The only time wasted is thinking of when you are going start with him! Best move I have made in reclaiming my figure, hands down.” – Victoria M. DVM



Personal TrainerKevin is an incredible trainer! I participated in his six week boot camp and was very impressed. He is motivating, challenging, and encouraging. Kevin pushed me and made me do more than I ever thought I could! He came up with creative exercises that gave me a full body workout. With each exercise, Kevin watched my form and made sure I was doing it correctly. I greatly benefited from my time with Kevin and would highly recommend him as a trainer.” – Robyn R.



Kevin is an OUTSTANDING personal trainer. Whether you are trying to loose weight, train for a race, or just get stronger, he is motivating and helps you attain your specific goals. He mixes up the workouts and makes them fun!! He is professional and reliable and I would recommend and have been recommending to all my friends! Thank you Kevin for putting together such a great program!!” – Liliam B.



Kevin is a fabulous trainer. His workouts are creative, never boring and highly effective. After two sessions of boot camp I felt like I was in peak shape, doing more than I ever would have on my own, with a combination of weights, resistance and cardio. What I appreciate the most is Kevin’s ability to motivate and push me past my limit so I never sold myself short! I would highly recommend working out with Kevin.” – Julie



Thank you, Kevin Pressley. I couldn’t have done it without you! I’m uncertain which I am more thankful for; the countless ass-kicking training sessions or the unconditional support from day 1. You have always believed in me and for that, I thank you!” – Christie A.



I started training with Kevin in January, 2009. At that time, I weighed 238 pounds, ate a lot of junk food, and smoked 2 packs a day. I was tired all the time. Kevin pushed me hard and wouldn’t let me give up. He showed me that I’m capable of more than I realized at the time. I ended up quitting smoking and have lost 23 pounds so far. I run a few miles every day and have never felt better in my life. Thanks to Kevin’s patience and persistence, I actually enjoy exercising and eating healthier. Thank you Kevin!” – Bill A.



Jeny CI have danced professionally for years including 3 years on the Atlanta Hawks Dance Team, and had the opportunity to experience a variety of personal trainers and regimes. I can honestly say that after working with Kevin Pressley, I believe he is the best personal trainer Atlanta has to offer. I would always ask at the beginning of our sessions “So what are we focusing on today?” and he would reply “Everything!” Kevin gives you a total body workout and incorporates cardio between sets for a maximum calorie burning experience. He not only knows his profession, he helps each individuals reach their personal goals with training designed just for you. I lost 20 pounds in a short period of time and have never felt more confident in my figure.” – Jeny C., Atlanta Hawks Dance Team



I had the pleasure of working with Kevin Pressley and would recommend him to anyone. I have been working out for years and there was never a day where a new challenge wasn’t brought to my plate. He helped me set, meet and maintain new personal goals and while always being mindful of my bad knees or injury of the day. He is kind, patient, professional, punctual and a great Personal Trainer. His energy in the gym and love for his profession can be noticed by anyone. Soon, you’ll find yourself skipping around the gym too!” – Christie A.